Parks & Recreation

Keith Rider ParkBrandon Frye


The Parks Department oversees and maintains more than 176 acres of parks, cemeteries, and rights-of-way. Maintenance includes planting trees and shrubs, mowing and trimming parks and cemeteries, maintaining six restroom complexes, and taking care of more than 172 acres of sprinkler coverage. Even though park maintenance responsibilities vary with the seasons, the job keeps the maintenance personnel busy year 'round.

Reserving Shelters

To reserve a picnic shelter for special events, call Public Works at 307-358-9750. A public use permit form is required for any special reservation. If alcohol use is requested, an Open Container Permit ($25 permit fee) must be obtained through the City Clerk's office, 307-358-3462.

 Parks System

The parks system includes:

For more detailed information about each park, amenities, photos, and a map of the parks and trails system, please see the city parks and trails page.