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Douglas Liquor Licenses Available & Annual Fees

Douglas liquor licenses and permits are subject to  Chapter 5.16 of Douglas Municipal Code and Title 12 of Wyoming State Statutes. All liquor licenses must be approved by City Council; one-day permits are approved administratively.

  • Bar & Grill - $1,500 (one available)
  • Limited Retail "Club" - $500 (unlimited available)
  • Restaurant - $500 (unlimited available)
  • Retail - $1,000 (none available)
  • Microbrewery - $500 (unlimited available)
  • Winery - $500 (unlimited available)
  • Resort - $2,000 (unlimited available)
  • Special Malt Beverage Permit for Auditoriums, Civic Centers - $1,500
  • Motel/Hotel Mini Bar License - one-half of the original license fee (unlimited available)
  • Manufacturers Satellite Permit - Distillery or Rectifier - $100.00 (unlimited available)

Liquor license Applications

  • New & Transfer Liquor License Application Please note that for all New and Transfer Liquor Licenses, a current criminal background report is required for all individuals owning 10% or more of the entity to be licensed. If applying as an individual, the individual must provide the report. These reports typically require 2 to 4 weeks for processing by the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation. Contact the City Clerk for more information about this process.
  • Renewal Liquor License Application Liquor licenses must be renewed each year.
  • Update Changes in Officers Form This form must be completed and provided to the City Clerk within thirty (30) days of any changes within a corporation, LLC, LLP, or club holding a liquor license for each of the following: all stockholders holding 10% or more of stock; all partners; all officers; and all directors. 

For questions regarding licensing, please contact the City Clerk at 307-358-3462.

One-Day Liquor Permits

To determine if a one day liquor permit is needed, answer these questions:

  1. Is there a fee to attend the event? (e.g. cover charge, ticket sale, per plate fee)
  2. Is there an inducement to attend the event? (e.g. "free drink with purchase of a ticket")
  3. Does the applicant benefit in any way from the sale of the alcohol? (e.g. donations or patronage)
  4. Did you as the applicant purchase the alcohol? (e.g. wedding party, family reunion)

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are required per Title 5.16 of Douglas Municipal Code and W.S. 12-1-101(a)(xvi) to obtain a temporary one-day liquor permit. The type of permit depends on the type of alcohol to be served, the type of event, whether a liquor license is held, and other factors.  The types of one-day permits available are:

All one-day permits require a $25 filing fee. Please refer to the General Information Sheet for One-day permits here. One day permits are approved administratively; denials are appealed to City Council.  For an explanation of the City's requirements as well as suggestions for a safe and successful event, please refer to the Alcohol Safety Checklist .

NOTE: If event is held on public property, a $100 deposit is required, and the park and/or shelter must be reserved.  Click here to reserve a park, shelter, or other public property. 

Special Events Permit

A Special Event permit applies to any event or series of events within city limits that is on city property (parks, streets, sidewalks) or any unrestricted private parking lot. The event must be open to the general public to be considered a special event. Completed applications are filed with the City Clerk, require a $25 processing fee, and the public property must be reserved.  Click here to reserve a park, shelter, or other public property. A minimum of a $200 refundable deposit may also be required. Applications for both special events and waiver of special events permits and are approved administratively; there is no fee to apply for a waiver. Some events may be required to provide additional insurance coverage, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. If an event is held solely on the Wyoming State Fairgrounds, no permit is needed. There are other exceptions as well. Contact the City Clerk for more information regarding requirements, exceptions, and details to help you determine if you are required to obtain a Special Event permit for your event. Note that any permits for liquor or fireworks require a separate application, fee(s), approval(s), and permit(s).

Pawnbrokers License

Completed applications are filed with the City Clerk, and once certified as complete, are presented to City Council for approval. The license fee is $250 annually. 

Pawnbrokers License Application

Door to Door Solicitation License

Completed applications are filed with the City Clerk. Contact the City Clerk for requirements or view Section 5.20 of the Douglas Municipal Code. The license fee is $200 per year. Please refer to the checklist below for an overview of all requirements for Door to Door Solicitors. These permits are approved administratively; appeals due to denial are made to City Council.

Commercial Door to Door Solicitation Application

Checklist for Door to Door Solicitation Applicants

Douglas residents may register their address on the "No Commercial Solicitation" list maintained by the City of Douglas. Addresses will remain on the list for a period of five years, after which residents can re-register for the list. There is no fee for this service.

Registration Form for Residents: No Commercial Door to Door Solicitation

No Solicitation List for the City of Douglas: Licensees MUST review

Taxi Permit

Completed applications are filed with the City Clerk and once certified as complete, are presented to City Council for approval. Please note the additional WYDOT requirements below.

Taxi Permit Application

Application Checklist

WYDOT Information and Requirements

Wyoming Operating Authority Application

Insurance Form E - Sample

Supplement Form for Addition/Removal of Taxicab Drivers/Vehicles