Reserving Parks & Park Shelters

Washington Park FountainReserving a park shelter is free at the City of Douglas.  Click here to go to the Facilities page, and select the park where you wish to make your reservation. Forms are also available at City Hall.  If you plan to have liquor at your event, or the event qualifies as a "Special Event", there are required fees and additional applications.  

Alcoholic Beverages at Events

The City requires an open container permit, catering permit, or malt beverage permit at least one week in advance in order to allow time for processing.  No liquor can be consumed, sold, or distributed on public property without a permit.  The permit fee is $25.00 per day and require a $100.00 refundable deposit to be submitted at the time application is made.  Please submit these forms to the City Clerk.

Special Events

For Special Events, the City requires the application to be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to yWyo State Fair Parade - City stock photoour event. The application fee is $25.00 and a deposit may be required depending upon the event.  Multiple days can be included in one application.  Examples of Special Events are First Thursdays, Jackalope Days, Converse County Bank's Hot Night in the Park, Farmer's Markets, and others. Reserving an entire park also typically triggers a Special Event permit.  Smaller events may require a Special Event permit as well.  Please contact City Hall at 307-358-3462 and our staff can help you determine if a permit is necessary.  

The City also has a Waiver of Special Event application, which is free, and this is often a good place to start to see if you are required to complete the full application.  Please submit these forms to the City Clerk.